Powder Coating Colours

Warana Powder Coaters uses an extensive range provided by Dulux and Interpon. Other vendors and custom colours are available on request.

Please click on the vendors logos below, and download the relevant colour charts. Alternatively, drop in to our office and pick up a colour chart for further advise.


Can I match a powder coating to a paint colour?

Unlike paints which can be tinted to thousands of shades and finishes, powder coatings are formulated and produced in a factory. Powder coatings cannot be tinted successful since the solid particles of each colour do not blend together, causing a mottled, speckled look when two different colours are mixed together. Custom Paint colours are available on request, however minimum order quantities and long lead times are to be considered.

How long does powder coating last?

This is a very common question. From the perspective of adhesion and film integrity, correctly applied and pre-treated powder coated metal can and has lasted since it was first applied more than 40 years ago. Powder coatings are considered extremely resilient, be a coating of choice for use on gas or oil pipelines which are buried in the earth or underwater.

Dulux Powder Coatings

Powder coatings are used on automotive and appliances given their excellent chip resistance, hardness and or chemical resistance. From the perspective of resistance to light and UV degradation, some powder coatings are outstanding, being used on major building such as Duratec and Fluoroset FP. The standard and most common powder coatings are designed for general use and applications. Standard powder coatings offer good weathering resistance, excellent film integrity and very good hardness. Dulux Powder Coatings is the largest powder supplier in Australia and New Zealand.

As a pioneer in the powder coatings industry, Dulux Powder Coatings offers a wide range of stock and custom-made powder coating colours and technologies. The wide choice of premium Dulux powder coatings allows flexibility in design, providing architectural coating solutions in a wide range of colour and durability options, both in residential and commercial applications, such as aluminium windows, curtain walls, balustrades, sunscreens, fencing, sheet metal, steelwork, interior joinery and interior fit out items. Powder coatings are renowned for being environmentally responsible. They are 100% solid - this is the paint with no solvents, no fumes, and no dangerous gases, and there are no harmful volatile organic solvents that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Powder coatings have many advantages over alternative finishes. They can be sprayed with much higher efficiency than wet paints, because over-sprayed powder can be collected and re-applied. Which means, as much as 99% of the original product can be used, with minimal waste sent for landfill.


Practically any company that makes powder coatings will claim to be an environmental friend! But Dulux Powder Coatings also strives for excellence in environmental performance of our powder coat products. Dulux products lead the industry in the development of powder coat systems that have minimal impact on the environment.

Dulux powder coat products:

  • Are free of heavy metal pigments such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury.
  • Can be stoved and cured at low temperatures and faster times than industry standard offers.
  • Are produced with stringent safety, health and environmental policies and standards.
  • Are developed with consideration of life cycle analysis, to guide our suppliers and the materials we use.
  • Are manufactured in facilities where significant energy and resources employed in production are measured and have aggressive reduction targets in place.
  • Are produced and used with minimal waste.

Consequently, Dulux Powder Coatings are a prime consideration for projects where air quality standards have been set, such as 4, 5 & 6 Green Star Rating Projects. When Dulux Powder Coatings are specified as part of a system and all compliance criteria are met, Green Star Rating Points can potentially be achieved.

This information has been adapted from information provided on the Dulux Website: http://duluxpowders.com.au/information/care-maintenance/