Powder Coating Price Guide

We offer specialised pricing for different industries. Pricing depends on order quantity, colour & the type of products we are coating. Please see below a generalised pricing guide to give some indications on cost.

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Minimum Charge (Combination Burn): $150+GST (per colour)

Minimum Charge (Full Load): $300+GST

Rainbow Rocket (4-24 hour turnaround): +50% (Orders must be placed by 1pm Previous Day, Stocked colours only)

Basic surface area SQ/M rate: $25+GST

Basic extrusion L/M rate (up to 200mm2): $5+GST (min 3m charge per length)

Basic caps / cover plates / brackets: $5+GST 

Fixings: $1+GST 

Prepwork / Dismantling / Assembly / Sandblasting: $150/hour+GST



As we are a batch powder coater (not continuous line), we need to recover the labour costs of hanging extrusions in the spray booth. As the labour time is similar in hanging a 6m length VS a 1m length, we need to average it out and recove the costs on the smaller items. There are certain fixed costs per oven burn which are unavoidable, so we have to ensure we fill the oven to a point in which we cover all costs.